Restarting HTTPD Service is not idempotence in nature and also consume more resources suggest a way to rectify this challenge in Ansible playbook.

- hosts:


- 2httpd_var.yml


- file:

state: directory

path: “{{ dvd_dir }}”

- mount:

src: “/dev/cdrom”

path: “{{ dvd_dir }}”

state: mounted

fstype: “iso9660”

- yum_repository:

baseurl: “{{ dvd_dir }}/AppStream”

name: “dvd1”

description: “My yum dvd1 for package”

gpgcheck: no

- yum_repository:

baseurl: “{{ dvd_dir }}/BaseOS”

name: “dvd2”

description: “My yum dvd2 for package”

gpgcheck: no

- package:

name: “httpd”

state: present

- file:

path: “{{ doc_root }}”

state: directory

- template:

src: “webserver.conf”

dest: “/etc/httpd/conf.d/webserver.conf”


- service:

name: “httpd”

state: restarted

enabled: yes

- firewalld:

port: “{{ httpd_port }}/tcp”

state: enabled

permanent: yes

immediate: yes

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Ansble Task 11.1

Hadoop and Ansible…?

What is Ansible?

Ansible is an open-source automation tool. It is used for automating configuration management, cloud provisioning, application deployment, intra-service orchestration, and other IT tasks. It has its own declarative language to describe system configuration.

Ansible Playbook:

Ansible playbook is an ordered list of tasks, saved so you can run those tasks in that order repeatedly. Playbooks include variables as well as tasks. Playbooks are written in YAML and are easy to read, write, share and understand.

Some common terminologies:-

  1. Control Node: A control node is a Linux server that has Ansible installed…

task 10

14.2 Further in ARTH — Task 10 have to create an Ansible playbook that will retrieve new Container IP and update the inventory. So that further Configuration of Webserver could be done inside that Container.

Lets Start

In this task I have used my own pre-created docker image which is enabled with ssh. So that Ansible can use ssh protocol to login to new docker container and configure webserver inside it.

Code of Dockerfile

task 12

What is Ansible?

  1. Ansible is simple open-source IT engine which automates application deployment, intra service orchestration, cloud provisioning and many other IT tools.
  2. Ansible uses playbook to describe automation jobs, and playbook uses quite simple language i.e., YAML (It’s a human-readable data serialization language & is commonly used for configuration files but could be used in many applications where data is being stored) which is very easy for humans to understand, read and write. …

Here is a step by step guide to how to launch an amazon image Instance using AWS CLI and attach a volume to it.

There a few things you need to get ready before using AWS CLI on your operating system.

  1. An IAM user account with required permission such as PowerUserAccess.
  2. AWS installed in the Operating System.


STEP 1: Configure AWS and log to the user you need to Enter the Access key ID, Access key, region name, and output format (JUST PRESS ENTER IT WILL TAKE THE DEFAULT VALUE).

STEP 2: Next step is to create a key pair and note the “KeyName” and “KeyPairId”

aws ec2 create-key-pair — key-name <PutYourKeyNameHere>

There a few things you need to get ready before using AWS CLI on your operating system.

  1. An IAM user account with required permission such as PowerUserAccess.
  2. AWS installed in the Operating System.


Amazon Cloud Front is a fast content delivery network (CDN) service that securely delivers data, videos, applications, and APIs to customers globally with low latency, high transfer speeds, all within a developer-friendly environment. Cloud Front is integrated with AWS — both physical locations that are directly connected to the AWS global infrastructure, as well as other AWS services. …

Today Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are not that sophisticated as it was 5 years before. Almost every MNCs and large startup use AI and ML in their business.


Google is respected by specialists to be the most progressive organization in the field of AI, Machine Learning, and deep learning.

The primary purpose behind this is presumably the measure of cash the organization has spent getting new businesses Google has spent more than some other, as per CB Insights.

Regardless of whether it’s something it obtained or created in-house, Google dispatched an AI chatbot that answers your directives for you…

#Task 7.2.2

This tutorials will help to install and use Python inside a docker image

I will use centos image to install python inside that and will run a simple python program to print a string.


1. Docker Installed in the machine


STEP 1: Pulling the image from the docker. I have already installed the docker but you can run the same command to pull image from the repos.

STEP 2: Running the image from docker

docker run -it — network host — name pythondocker centos:latest

Large Multi-National Companies like Google Inc, NETFLIX, and Facebook Inc are receiving data in the value of PT (Petabytes) from around the globes and companies have the responsibility to keep this amount of the data on the go and any user using this platform can access their data in milli-second time any time of the day. The Big Data problem arises when these companies need to store this amount of data along with very low accessibility time.

The sources of big data

  • Streaming Platforms like NETFLIX and YouTube.
  • Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Publicly available data like Archives.
  • Other big data may come from data lakes, cloud data sources, suppliers, and customers.

Task 13 Description

Create a Setup so that you can ping google but not able to ping Facebook from the same system.

What is a routing table and how does it work?

A routing table contains the information necessary to forward a packet along the best path toward its destination. Each packet contains information about its origin and destination.

Routing Table provides the device with instructions for sending the packet to the next hop on its route across the network.

What does a netmask do?

A Netmask is a 32-bit “mask” used to divide an IP address into subnets and specify the network’s available hosts. In a netmask, two bits are always automatically assigned.

For example, in 255.255. 225.0, “0” is the assigned network address.

What is meant by default gateway?

The default gateway is the path used to pass information when the…

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